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October 17 2017




what should i do of this empty stomach of mine

fill it with rocks

does anyone that’s normal have any suggestions

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Good ghost is good

This is the best, kindest ghost. This is the Halloween I want to celebrate.

October 16 2017



lab safety but the teacher just wants you to die

lab safety

  • 1. drink whatevers in that beaker. I know you fucking want to.


when you do unironically enjoy rick and morty and manage to not be a raging sociopath about it but the rest of the fandom out here missing the point of how the characters are portrayed and acting a fool and stabbing people over some goddamn mcdonalds sauce


me: *clicks a settings menu*

my family: love having a tech expert in the house :) 

October 15 2017

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wow this is fucking historic as fuck i can’t believe im seeing this




I don’t want to hear about the suffering of Trump voters unless it’s about how their suffering is increasing, which I’ll delight in.

The problem I have with this mentality is that a lot of Trump voters are the working poor who feel that the Democratic Party doesn’t care about them, and they’re right. The DNC doesn’t give a damned shit about rural Americans because they write them off as unintelligent country hicks. So the Republican party comes in and tricks them into thinking they care by appealing to them either through social issues or just an image of a small town country politician. So then we end up with shitty healthcare bills that end up hurting everybody, especially those who were promised a better life by the people they voted for.

What the left should do is help these people and try to sway their opinions by emphasizing the good things like single payer healthcare and improved infrastructure can do for rural America and educate them on the importance of unionization and worker’s rights that the Republican Party is trying to strip away.

But upper class Trump voters can still choke.

Democrats write off white rural voters because they decided a long time ago that white supremacy was more important to them than economic self-interest. I know you meant white voters, because that’s what “rural” means, it’s so ingrained in our discourse that we don’t even need to say it, but it should be said because the fact that rural black voters are overwhelmingly Democratic kind of ruins the theory that this is an economic divide.

White rural voters are unwinnable for any left-wing coalition. They will not listen to you, no matter what your arguments are. They listen to Fox News, who tells them what it means to be Christian and white, the identities that mean more to them than anything. And they will always tell them that being Christian and white means being a Republican. No one is “tricking” them, because no, I don’t actually think of them as brainless hicks, I think of them as adults with the power of free will. Every election they make a conscious choice. They believe that it is in their best interest to halt the slow depreciation of the value of their whiteness, and no amount of explaining the the benefits of single payer is going to change that.

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People inside Sora’s heart 

October 14 2017

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Whatever or whomever they saw and judged, I agree. I never need to know the specifics.

October 13 2017

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Well, safe to say I’m screaming.

Not a single lie

This is so accurate it just O.o

I’ve never felt so called out in my life.

This is Gay Culture




Be your own daddy, make your own sugar.

Today’s my birthday!

((So feel free to send me pictures of you in your birthday suit))

October 12 2017

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some of my fav carrie quotes for a little carrie positivity that we need now ❤

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Star Wars: The Last JediBehind The Scenes

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- What if Sora where in Inkwell Isle ? -

Inktober #11 - R u n - - - - ->

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Malala Yousafzai’s first day as a student at Oxford.

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who is she

woman seeking woman. i’m six feet tall, fashionable, and enjoy long walks through brackish estuary water off the coast of virginia

why is the word woman so bolded

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