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June 29 2017

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June 28 2017

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To be fair, I’ve never claimed to be a wise spender.

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Oh my god this is so fucking tight!

I didn’t know what this was about, so here’s an excerpt from an article on HuffPo:

“The area known as Oak Flat is part of Arizona’s Tonto National Forest, and the Apache have used it for generations in young women’s coming-of-age ceremonies. In 1955, President Dwight Eisenhower removed it from consideration for mining activities in recognition of its natural and cultural value. But in December 2014, during the final days of the previous Congress, Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) added a rider to the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act that opened the land to mining conglomerates Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.”

Guys… It’s the 21st century and we’re still fucking doing this. We’re still robbing native peoples of their lands. Call your senators and representatives.

Article is here: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55aff2f9e4b08f57d5d3747d

Thank you for the support of putting up the information which I should’ve done.

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Look at how well you age when you stay in your lane

The fuck

June 27 2017

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Golden Girls was more progressive decades ago than half of America now.


I can’t believe my soulmate is really out there just letting me be lonely like this he’s testing my patience that’s what he’s doing

June 26 2017

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This thread omg

June 25 2017

I'm gay and my glasses are dirty


reblog if you’re gay and your glasses are dirty



if anyone thinks there’s a better gif than this one then theyre dead fucking wrong

look how mad the portrait is when he pulls it down though


do you ever get in those moods where you don’t feel like reading and you don’t feel like being on the internet and you don’t feel like watching a show and you don’t feel like sleeping and you don’t feel like existing in general

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lgbt flag scenery edits for pride month!
(original images belong to their respective owners!)

I Wanna Prove A Point 🌈


Reblog if you would not mind forming a relationship with someone who is on the asexual spectrum.

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yall I fucking bled for this peice of trash pls like it 

oh. I thought it was a photo.

Damn it took me 5 minutes to figure out why you wanted people to like a picture of soap. You did such a good job people think you are just posting random pics of soap.

this isn’t the fist time this has happened, I painted lube and everyone was confused that I posted a picture of lube 

How in the fuck..??

The moment we all knew Sasha had won the crown.

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It’s no “Joey” but close enough

Coming from a state champion baker:







If y’all use a decent box mix and use melted butter instead of vegetable oil, an extra egg, and milk instead of water, no one can tell the difference. I sure as hell can’t. 

Also, if you add a little almond extract to vanilla cake, or a little coffee to chocolate cake, it sends it through the roof. 

This concludes me attempting to be helpful. 

yo I can vouch for this
I’ve done this for the last few cakes I’ve made and holy crap it makes suuuuch a difference
the cake is still fluffy, but it also seems more dense, and it doesn’t dry out
like at all
you can leave it uncovered on the counter all day after being cut into, and it won’t get all crusty and dry
this is an amazing way to take your cakes to the next level

Does this count as cake hacks?

cake: hacked

god fucking bless

Trying this with my kid’s birthday cake. It’s going to get covered with candy and such, but I figure the grownups will appreciate it. 

June 24 2017

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Look at this cheesy, gay smile. I love myself and I love you, too. 😘

June 23 2017

Snapchat emergency!


Okay so many of you know Snapchat just updated and you can now see the exact location your friends are, which means they can see you. Well I’ve seen post after post about it and none that say how to turn that shit off. So I have a galaxy s8 and this worked for me. Go to your Snapchat camera, don’t take a picture and try to zoom out. Like the spreading of 2 fingers. Then a little map shows up and since it will be your first time options show up. There’s everyone can see you, ghost mode where no one can see you, and only friends. I think it’s just best if you change it to ghost mode. Hope this helps everyone. Stay woke.

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